Whiskey n White LIVE - A Sold Out Success

Less than a mile from where both lads grew up, a sold out crowd packed out the Devenish in Belfast for a night of laughs, good whiskey and great music.

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Our podcast is brought to you in association with Dragon Claw Whiskey. A golden, bold, small Batch, single Barrel Whiskey made in Holywood, Co.Down, outside Belfast.

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More about Whiskey & White

Podcast hosts

The Whiskey n White podcast is co hosted by actor and boxer Tyrone McKenna and his life long friend, boxer and stand up comedian, Tommy McCarthy. It is brought to you in association with Dragon Claw Whiskey.

The friends grew up together in West Belfast, boxing alongside each other on Irish amateur teams before trying their hand at the professional game in more recent times.

Both have since enjoyed successful careers in professional boxing. Tommy is a cruiserweight / light heavyweight, who has headlines bills on Sky Sports and RTE. McCarthy is also an ex European Champion.

Tyrone is an Irish boxing fan favourite and known for his toe to toe phone box fighting style. He has also headlines big TV bills and draws a large energetic crowd where ever he goes.

The two West Belfast boxers started the podcast in 2022 and has since gone on to too the Irish podcast charts.

As well as featuring some of the biggest names in Irish sport and entertainment, the podcast itself is full of piss yourself funny, coming of age stories from Tyrone and Tommy's youth and the pair share an almost telepathic bond at times.

Podcasts are released every Wednesday on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Superstar guests

Some of our most popular guests from the world of sport, comedy, film and TV have included:

  • James Nesbitt (Actor)
  • Packie Lee (Actor)
  • Leah McCourt (MMA)
  • Shane Todd (Comedian)
  • John Connor (Actor and Activist)
  • Patrick McDonnell (Comedian)
  • William Thompson (Comedian)

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