Whiskey N White Live Podcast a Sold Out Success

The sold-out night at The Devenish in Belfast for the Whiskey n White Live Podcast was an undoubted success. Hosted by Tommy McCarthy and Tyrone McKenna, the podcast was elevated by a host of special guests, including the hilarious West Belfast comedian Paddy McDonnell, and local boxing champions Sean McComb and Paddy Barnes.


Podcast hosts Tommy McCarthy (left) and Tyrone McKenna (right)


But it wasn't just the guests who made the night unforgettable. The live music from the local band Search Party took the event to a whole new level. Their performance was electric and had the audience on their feet from the very beginning. The band was incredibly talented, and their energy was infectious, nearly blowing the roof off the place.


The atmosphere was incredible throughout the entire night. From the moment the doors opened, the crowd was buzzing with excitement. The venue was packed, and the audience was engaged from the beginning of the podcast to the end of the live music performance.


Belfast band ‘Search Party’ provided the tunes 

The podcast hosts, Tommy McCarthy and Tyrone McKenna, were fantastic. They kept the crowd entertained and engaged, and their chemistry was evident throughout the entire show. The special guests were also exceptional, bringing their own unique personalities and experiences to the podcast.


Local legend Paddy Barnes was one of the guests 

The night was especially poignant for the hosts of the Whiskey n White Live Podcast, Tommy McCarthy and Tyrone McKenna. Although they have both enjoyed successful boxing careers and have performed in front of sell-out crowds before, this event was particularly special as it was the first time they had the opportunity to perform together in front of a crowd of their own fans, friends, and family.


Growing up alongside one another, McCarthy and McKenna had a unique chemistry that was evident throughout the entire night. Just like their 28 podcast episodes so far banter was effortless and kept the audience entertained between segments. It was clear that their shared history and camaraderie brought an added element of joy and warmth to the event.


The craic between the pair was as effortless as always 

As they took the stage together, it was clear that this was a moment they had both been waiting for. The energy in the room was palpable as the two childhood friends performed in front of a packed house, showcasing their talents and personalities.

In many ways, the Whiskey n White Live Podcast was a celebration of the deep connection and shared experiences that can only come from growing up alongside one another. As they took their final bows, it was clear that the night was a triumph not just for the hosts, but for the entire community who had come together to support them.

Fans, friends and family enjoy the show

Overall, the Whiskey n White Live Podcast was an unforgettable event. The combination of hilarious comedy, inspiring boxing champions, and electrifying live music created an atmosphere that was impossible to resist. The night was a true testament to the talent and creativity that Belfast has to offer.


Written by - Conal Hunter

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